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While attending Chapman University, I had the opportunity to co-write two original, Two-Act stage plays that were produced by The Players' Society, a student-run theater group.


Cross Examination, an original courtroom comedy.  (December 2018)


A murder has occurred at a frat party and Sam Kane stands accused.  Will his lawyer, Burt Finkel, who's never won a case, be able to prove his innocence or will Penelope Cook, ace attorney, convince the jury otherwise?  YOU BE THE JUDGE (well... jury) AT THE TRIAL OF THE MILLENIALS!!

Directed by Emerson Harris

Written by Evan Ridpath and Andrew Patterson


Two Boys One Dog

(February 2018)


Two boys make a plan to kidnap a classmate's dog in order to win her affection forever; however, things go awry when the girl's dad is a CIA agent.

Directed by Derek Daniels

Written by Evan Ridpath and Andrew Patterson

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