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I've had a strong interest in miniatures and model-building growing up, and LEGO was always such an accessible and colorful medium for me to explore the construction of ideas and things that I wanted to see "miniaturized."

While I believe LEGO is a great toy, I also learned to see its potential as an art form— anything that I want to express can be made with these tiny bricks.  Although they may be small, there is no end to the possibilities of what can be built with a touch of creativity and just the right combination of pieces.  


It's an ideal medium for me to build custom recreations of the things that are special to me, such as the artistry of Disney Parks attractions (many pictured below), and forced me to study the architecture, design, and details that made those art forms so special, and how I could best translate them into this medium through various scales and techniques.

Please enjoy the gallery below of some of my featured custom creations over the years based on film, theme parks, and other popular media.


The full collection of photos of these and my other LEGO designs can be viewed on my Flickr page.

"Building Star Tours and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge"

In October 2019, I had the honor of having some of my LEGO Star Wars designs featured in BrickJournal Issue #59  


Thanks to Joe Meno for including my article "Building Star Tours and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge" in this Star Wars issue alongside some amazing artists and designers, and special thanks to the Disney Imagineers behind these attractions for providing the inspiration for the designs.

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